In 1991, a student from Finland, Linus Torvalds, started a hobby. The 'hobby' eventually became what we know today as Linux. A full featured POSIX like operating system. Linux has been developed not just by Linus, but by hundreds of programmers around the world using the internet as their connection. The most interesting aspects about this project are that this massive, world wide development effort is largely ncoordinated, and Linux is free. For more info on Linux, click here.

Apache was originally based on code and ideas found in the most popular HTTP server of the time.. NCSA httpd 1.3 (early 1995). It has since evolved into a far superior system which can rival (and probably surpass) almost any other UNIX based HTTP server in terms of functionality, efficiency and speed. Since it began, it has been completely rewritten, and includes many new features. Apache is, as of January 1997, the most popular WWW server on the Internet, according to the Netcraft Survey. For more info on Apache click here.

Simply the finest graphics program anyhwere, period.  Most of the graphics on this site were done by someone with very little artistic talent (me), in just a few days using nothing but  GIMP.  If being powerful and easy to use isn't enough it just happens to come free with Linux.  To see what a real artist can do witheal artist can do with it, click here.

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